As your pet’s caregiver, your most important job is keeping that special guy or gal healthy and happy. At Critter Care, we’d like to support you in this endeavor. In fact, we’d like to provide all of the care and services your companion will ever need, from birth through the senior years! That’s why we’ve worked so hard to put together the most comprehensive and effective system of care available. Whatever your pet needs at any given moment, we’ll supply it!

We like to start with a solid foundation of wellness care, because we believe that this is the key to a long, fulfilling life. Our preventative medicine is complemented by our extensive line of modern treatment options. At any time during your companion’s life should the need for medical, diagnostic, dental or surgical care arise, you can count on us. From routine checkups to life-saving critical care, and everything in between, you’ll find all you need at Critter Care! Have an exotic pet in need of an appointment? Please give our sister office, Creature Comforts a call! (702) 658-7339

In addition to our health services, we also offer luxury boarding in our pet resort at an affordable price. Starting at just $20 per night, our campers enjoy spacious indoor/outdoor runs. Our outdoor courtyard provides an escape-proof area for campers to romp and play! For the pampered pet, we have large suites with tvs and beds just like home. All our campers get lots of pets and hugs to make their stay more enjoyable.

For a full list of services available to patients of Critter Care, please see below.

Behavioral Counseling
Critical Care
* These services are provided at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital