Small Pet Holiday Tips

As the holidays approach, we’ll soon start seeing all sorts of adorable photos of dogs or cats. Fluffy and Fido look super cute with antlers or Santa hats on, or posing before Christmas trees. You’ll also find all sorts of information on buying presents for dogs and cats, and for keeping them safe at this special time of year. But what about smaller pets? Birds, reptiles, and pocket pets are also part of the family! Here, a North Las Vegas, NV vet discusses spending the holidays with a small or exotic pet.


Smaller animals can really take some adorable seasonal photos. You can put your gerbil on a tiny sleigh, or put a little Santa hat on your bunny. Just pay close attention to your animal companion during their photo shoot. You don’t want them eating their props! (Tip: if your camera has a macro setting, use that instead of the zoom.)


If there’s one thing all of our animal companions love, it’s food. Feel free to give your pet a special snack! Just be sure to stick to items that are safe for your particular pet. Each type of animal has their own unique needs, so ask your vet for specific advice.


There’s no reason you can’t add some seasonal flair to your pet’s tank or cage. Pocket pets, such as bunnies, hamsters, and gerbils, may appreciate a holiday-themed hidey-hole, such as a little igloo. Or, cut plain paper into snowflakes or snowman shapes. (Tip: this is a great kids’ project.) You can also hang lights or ornaments on the outside of your pet’s habitat, where they can’t reach.


Smaller pets also deserve a few gifts of their own. A bigger, better habitat is always a great option! You can also get your little buddy some new toys. Of course, your gift options will depend on what type of pet you have. A snake or lizard may enjoy some climbing branches, while a bird might love a new perch or a gift basket full of toys. Many pocket pets also enjoy playing with (or eating) cardboard. Once everyone has finished opening their gifts, make a box castle out of the empty boxes.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Critter Care Animal Hospital, your North Las Vegas, NV vet clinic. Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance.

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