Creating a Goat Playground

Have you recently become a goat owner? Billy is a very fun and personable pet. He’s also pretty feisty, and loves to climb things. One way to make your hooved buddy happy is to offer him some vertical space. A North Las Vegas, NV vet offers tips on building a DIY goat playground in this article.

Cable Spools

Contact local utility companies, and see if you can purchase or pick up some of those huge wooden spools. These can make excellent goat toys!

Tree Trunks

Billy’s playthings don’t have to be fancy! Incorporate sturdy stumps, branches, and logs into your goat pen.

Old Furniture

You can find all sorts of things for Billy by checking local thrift stores, yard sales, and classified ads. Bury an old table in your yard by sinking the legs into the ground. You can also make goat furniture out of old end tables, coffee tables, and anything else that’s pretty sturdy.

Truck Tires

Keep an eye out for used tractor tires. You can bury them halfway into the ground for Billy to play on.

Play Sets

Playsets and slides are lots of fun for goats! Keep an eye out for the plastic ones that are made for toddlers.


You can upcycle old pallets by stacking them into mountains or pyramids. To make things even more fun, making a few pallet pyramids, and then connect them with ‘goatwalks.’


It may be harder to find used trampolines, but the cost and effort may be worth it in entertainment alone. There are few things cuter than playful goats bouncing on trampolines!

Old Stairs

Many people give away their old deck or porch stairs when they remodel. These can be great for goats!


Always put your goats’ safety first. Check your goat yard regularly, and look for anything that could be hazardous. This includes things like splinters, holes, or gaps between boards, sharp edges, and metal pieces. Protruding nails or screws are also very dangerous. Immediately repair or replace anything that could hurt your furry friend. You also need to make sure that anything you add is sturdy enough to stand up to the force of a bouncy goat.

Do you have questions or concerns about goat care? Please reach out to us, your North Las Vegas, NV vet clinic, for all of your goat’s veterinary care needs. We’re happy to help!

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