Household Dangers for Birds

Do you have a bird for a pet? Polly makes a very cute and lovable animal companion. However, our feathered pals are very small and fragile, and can easily be hurt. Here, a North Las Vegas, NV vet lists some household dangers for birds.

Doors And Windows

Birds don’t realize that windows and doors are solid, and can get seriously injured trying to fly through them. Mirrors are also hazardous. Use solid drapes or shades, not blinds, to cover them when Polly is out and about. Be careful with the cords: you don’t want your pet getting entangled!


We know, it’s cute to see videos of Polly hanging out with Fido or Fluffy, but it’s best to keep your animal companions separated. Dogs and cats really aren’t safe playmates for birds.


Fans pose another serious risk to your feathered friend. Turn off both ceiling fans and regular ones before letting Polly out to play.

Small Openings

Polly can fit into some pretty tight spaces. She also likes to explore, and hide in small openings. Folding beds, recliners, laundry baskets, air ducts, and the spaces beneath and behind counters and furniture can all be dangerous.


Your little buddy could get very sick if she gets too hot or too cold. Don’t put the birdcage in direct sunlight, or near fans, air conditioners, heaters, or vents.


Candles, fireplaces, and potpourri burners are definitely not safe for birds, both because of fumes and because of the potential for burn injuries. Certain light bulbs are dangerous as well.


Polly has very sensitive lungs, and can get sick by inhaling things that are safe for us. Cigarette smoke, gasoline, paint and paint thinner, household cleaners, and aerosols are all toxic to your feathered buddy.

Wires And Cords

Drape cords, electrical wires, and any other kinds of strings or ropes are also unsafe for Polly.


Kettles, burners, utensils, full sinks, and toxic foods are just a few things that can injure or sicken your cute pet in the kitchen. Cooking fumes are also hazardous.


Bathrooms are another no-go zone. A full tub or sink can be deadly to your tiny buddy! Curling irons and aerosols, such as perfume and hair spray, are also unsafe.

For more information on birdproofing your home, please contact us, your North Las Vegas, NV vet clinic. We’re here to help!

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