Cat World Domination Day

Did you know that June 24th is Cat World Domination Day? Of course, if it were up to Fluffy, every day would be Cat World Domination Day. Our feline friends may be small, but they do certainly have a way of wrapping us around their paws. Is this all part of a bigger plan? In this article, a North Las Vegas, NV vet discusses some of the ways cats dominate people, and offers tips for keeping your feline overlord happy.

Cats And The Internet

When talking about kitty world domination, it’s important to address one sector in which Fluffy may already be in complete control: the internet. The worldwide web is chock full of cat pictures, memes, and videos. In fact, the internet has even brought about the rise of a few kitty celebrities, such as the lovably cranky Grump Cat and, of course, Colonel Meow.

Cats In Power

Although there are a few cats with official positions, such as Larry, Britain’s Official Royal Mouser, most housecats earn their livings simply by being adorable. That said, it is interesting to note that Cat World Domination Day is the same day as Take Your Cat To Work Day. Coincidence? We think not. However, even if Fluffy is planning to take control of workplaces, if you do take her to work, she’ll probably spend the day smacking pens off your desk and sleeping on reports.

Fluffy’s Plans For Domination

Cats are very good at getting us to spoil them. For instance, people owned by lap cats often stay seated when their kitties are on them, just so they don’t disturb their furry friends. Fluffy may also have you trained to feed her, pet her, or play with her on command!

Pampering Fluffy

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to keep your furry overlord happy and purring. In fact, some of our feline buddies are delighted by simple things, such as paper grocery bags, cardboard boxes, and plastic bottlecaps. Soft beds are also at the top of Fluffy’s list. If you really want to make your pet’s day special, offer her a yummy treat. Sodium-free chicken broth, canned tuna, or plain, cooked boneless fish are all good options. New toys, beds, or cat furniture will also activate the purr.

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