Socializing Your Puppy

Are you adopting a puppy? Congratulations! You are in for some adorable moments with your new buddy. Puppy parenting isn’t all tail wags and cuddles, though: you’ve got quite a bit of pet parenting to do in that first year. One thing that is very important for little Fido is socialization. Here, a local North Las Vegas, NV vet offers advice on socializing your puppy.

What Is Socialization?

Socialization is the process of exposing little Fido to new places, faces, and experiences. This is very important, because it can have a huge impact on your pet’s personality. Proper socialization can help teach your canine companion to have a positive and friendly attitude about the world. Dogs that weren’t properly socialized as puppies are also more likely to have behavioral issues, such as aggression.

When Should Puppies Be Socialized?

There is a specific window of time for socializing puppies. Socialization should start when puppies are about 3 weeks old, and continue until they are around 16 weeks. After that, little Fido will already have formed some opinions about the world, and the window will close.

How Do I Socialize My Puppy?

Socializing puppies can be lots of fun! One good option is to host a puppy party. Invite some friends and family members with gentle, well-behaved dogs over, so they can play with little Fido. Interacting with and observing other pooches will help teach your puppy what is and is not proper doggy behavior. Just make sure your pet and his buddies are all current on vaccines and parasite control. Another option is to take your adorable furball to a park or mall. Chances are, if you just sit on a bench with your puppy, the little guy will soon start attracting attention. Doggy daycare and puppygarten classes are also good options. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Keeping That Tail Wagging

When socializing your pet, be careful not to overdo it: if little Fido gets scared, the process could backfire, and end up making him nervous about new experiences. Watch for warning signs. If your canine pal is nervous, he may lick his lips, burrow into your arms, or try to hide behind you. If you see these things, take your furball home, and try again another day.

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