5 Great Benefits of Reptilian Pets

Are you thinking about getting a new pet? Dogs and cats may be the most popular animal companions in modern society, but other types of pets also have lots to offer. Read on as a North Las Vegas, NV vet discusses some key benefits of getting a reptilian pet.

They’re Quiet

One wonderful thing about reptiles is that they are very quiet. Snakes and lizards really don’t make much noise at all, so you won’t have to worry about getting complaints from irritated neighbors.

No Destructive Behaviors

Dogs and cats are wonderful pets, but they can be pretty rough on your belongings. Fluffy’s scratching habits and Fido’s penchant for digging and chewing have definitely frustrated many loving pet owners! Reptiles spend the vast majority of their time in their tanks or enclosures. Your scaled buddy won’t leave hairballs on the carpet, pee on the floor, or chew up your couch cushions.

No Training Required

Another great thing about reptiles is that they don’t need to be trained. If you get a snake or a lizard, you won’t have to spend time housetraining your pet, or teaching your scaled buddy to Sit!

No Smells

Reptiles are a great choice for people with allergies, or even those who just have very sensitive noses. As long as you keep your pet’s cage clean, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant odors. You also won’t have to deal with getting pet fur off your clothes or furniture!

They’re Fun To Watch

Reptiles are fascinating to watch! These beautiful animals often have a quite graceful, almost hypnotic, way of moving that many people find both interesting and soothing. You may discover you really enjoy just relaxing and watching your reptilian pet.


Although reptiles make great pets, they aren’t necessarily the right choice for every household. There are some cons to getting a pet reptile. For one thing, many reptiles can grow quite large, so you may need to devote a sizeable chunk of space to your scaled pal. Food is also something to consider. Some reptiles eat things often referred to as creepy crawlies. Needless to say, they may not make the best options for people with weak stomachs. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about caring for a pet reptile? We can help! Contact us, your North Las Vegas, NV animal hospital, anytime!

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