Creating a Catio

Do you keep your cat indoors? If so, that’s great! Our feline friends are much safer living indoors. Outdoor cats face many dangers, such as cars, weather, and other animals. If you want to give your kitty the best of both worlds, why not turn a sunroom or patio into a catio? A local North Las Vegas, NV vet offers tips on how to do that below.

Cat Furniture

Start with some great pieces of cat furniture. Cat towers, wall-mounted furniture, window seats, pet tents, and hammock beds are all great purr activators. Rather than choose one, why not offer your furball a variety of options? If you’re working on a tight budget, look online for great DIY ideas.


Add some pet-safe plants to your catio. If you have a brown thumb, try a rubber tree plant, ponytail palm, or Areca palm. Boston ferns are another option: they’re rather thirsty, but if you remember to water them, they should do fine. You can also add cast iron plants; certain succulents; and specific herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, and, of course, catnip. Wheat grass is also very popular among our feline pals. Check the ASPCA website for more suitable options.

Scratching Post

Don’t forget to add some scratching posts or boards! Most cats prefer to stretch while they scratch, so pick something long enough for your furball to stretch to her full length. Be sure to pick something sturdy: if Fluffy’s nail-care station wobbles or topples over on her, she may become wary of it. One thing you can do is attach a piece of carpet to a smooth board, and then nail that to the wall.


Finish Fluffy’s playground off by adding some fun toys for your furry buddy to smack around. If your catio is open to the outdoors, try to opt for things that won’t get super dusty. Plastic balls, robotic mice, and hanging toys are all fun options. You get bonus purrs if you put a birdfeeder outside in a spot where your kitty can see it.

Climate Control

If your catio isn’t climate controlled, add a few sturdy fans. Just make sure Fluffy can’t knock them over!

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your North Las Vegas, NV animal clinic, today! We are here to serve all of your furry pal’s veterinary care needs.

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