Keeping Your Pet Safe on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! As local stores fill with candy hearts and chocolate boxes, many people will be planning to spend some special quality time with their significant others. Unfortunately, many of the things that are associated with this romantic holiday are dangerous to our furry friends. Read on as a local North Las Vegas, NV veterinarian offers some tips on keeping your pet safe for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t Share Your Candy

Candies and chocolates can be very dangerous to our four-legged friends. Chocolate is toxic to both dogs and cats, and can cause vomiting, trembling, unusual heartbeats, and even seizures. Many candies also contain xylitol, which is very poisonous to pets. Xylitol is often found in processed foods, like baked goods, candies, gum, and even peanut butter. If you want to pamper your pet with a special treat, offer something you know is safe, like plain, cooked meat, chicken, or fish, with the bones, skin, and fat removed.

Keep Bouquets Away From Pets

Beautiful bouquets are a big part of many Valentine’s Day celebrations. However, many flowers, including lilies, are poisonous to Fluffy and Fido. Roses are also a hazard, not because they are toxic, but because the sharp thorns can cause serious injuries. You can check the ASPCA site for a full list of safe and unsafe plants. If you receive a bouquet, err on the side of caution and display it in a place your pet can’t reach.

Use Caution With Candles

Many couples will be enjoying romantic candlelit dinners on Valentine’s Day. Just be careful with candles: pets and flames are a deadly combination! Keep candles in secure spots, well away from those cute paws. Potpourri burners, fireplaces, and heating grates can also be dangerous.

Never Give Your Pet Alcohol

Alcohol can be very dangerous to our four-legged friends. While some dogs and cats will ignore it, others will eat or drink just about anything. Your beloved pet could become very sick after ingesting just a little bit of booze! You can offer Fluffy or Fido some sodium-free beef or chicken broth if you like, but keep wine, beer, and other adult beverages away from your furry friend.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Please contact us, your North Las Vegas, NV animal clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to provide excellent care!

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