Caring for a Pet Pig

Are you looking for a super cute, but slightly unusual pet? Have you seen photos of people with pet pigs, and started wondering about adopting one for yourself? Pigs actually can make great little pets, but they do have some very specific care requirements. Read on as a local North Las Vegas, NV vet discusses caring for a pet pig.

Choosing Your Pig

Make sure to do plenty of research before adopting a pet pig. Pigs have some very specific characteristics and care needs. While some will stay quite small, others can get very large! Also, remember to check local zoning regulations, and make sure you can have a pig in your neighborhood.


Your little buddy should have an area all to himself in your home. You can use a puppy playpen to define your pet’s quarters. You’ll want to add some comfy bedding and dishes. You will also need to provide your hooved buddy with an outdoor area, so he can root around. This area should include a wallowing spot, and an outdoor shelter. To prevent your pet from damaging your yard, you may want to fence in your pig’s play area. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Potty Training

Pigs can be housetrained. Many of them can also learn to use a litterbox. Training may take some time, but it’s definitely worth your while! Ask your vet or breeder for specific advice.

Veterinary Care

Just like any other pet, pigs require regular veterinary care. Your cute pet will need hoof and tusk trims, as well as vaccines and parasite control. It’s also very important to get your pig fixed. Ask your vet for more information.

Socialization and Training

Pet pigs need to be properly socialized and trained. These little guys can develop some bad habits, like digging up carpet, so you’ll need to be vigilant. That said, many pigs love attention: you may find that your pet loves belly rubs or ear scratches!


Proper nutrition is very important! You may be able to find pig food in a local pet store. You can supplement this with things like fruits and veggies. Don’t offer your tiny pal feed meant for pigs that are not pets. Ask your vet for nutritional recommendations.

Do you have questions about caring for a pet pig? Contact us, your local North Las Vegas, NV animal clinic, today!

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