Thanksgiving Treats That Are Safe for Fido

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! As you make plans for your holiday meal, your canine buddy will no doubt be paying very close attention to all that delicious food. It’s no secret that Man’s Best Friend is an expert beggar! However, many of our favorite seasonal foods are dangerous for dogs, so it’s important to only give your pet safe and suitable treats. Read on as a North Las Vegas, NV vet lists some Turkey Day treats you can offer Fido.


Fido will definitely be very interested in the main course! It’s perfectly fine to share some of that mouth-watering turkey with your pooch. Just be sure to remove the skin, fat, and bones first. The same rules apply for chicken, duck, and fish, as well as most meats. Don’t give your four-legged friend too much fatty meat, however: bacon, sausage, and other greasy foods should only be given in very small amounts.


Did you know that many veggies are safe for Fido? Feel free to offer your furry buddy some plain, cooked peas, beans, carrots, squash, or potatoes. Just be sure to only give your pooch unseasoned veggies: sour cream, butter, gravy, and other toppings are not good for your canine pal.

Custom Treats

Want to really get that cute tail wagging? Why not whip up something special for your furry friend? Homemade doggy treats can also make a wonderful gift for friends and family members with dogs. You can also make your four-legged pal some muttloaf by mixing minced beef with breadcrumbs, carrots, peas, eggs, cheese, and tomato paste. Or, make Fido some doggy eggnog by combining pureed pumpkin, baby food, or sodium-free broth with plain yogurt. Look online for more great ideas.

Foods To Avoid

While Fido can share some of our favorite Turkey Day foods, many of the things we like to eat are dangerous for our furry pals. Avoid giving your dog chocolate; grapes, currants, or raisins; pitted fruits; raw meat, dough, or yeast; nuts; meat on the bone; caffeine; alcohol; and anything containing xylitol. Ask your vet for more information.

Is your four-legged buddy due for an exam? Does Fido need a microchip, vaccines, or spay/neuter surgery? Please feel free to contact us, your local North Las Vegas, NV animal hospital, anytime. We are here to serve all of your pet’s veterinary care needs!

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