Creating a Puppy Playground

Does your dog have a yard of his own to patrol? If, so, that’s wonderful! While Fido will be safer, happier, and healthier living indoors, he will really enjoy an outdoor area where he can run and play and chase off trespassing squirrels. Why not make your pooch a puppy playground? A North Las Vegas, NV vet offers some suggestions below.

Wading Pool

Does your pooch like to splash around? Give Fido a little wading pool to play in. We recommend filling it with fresh water every time you want to let your dog play, however: poisonous toads sometimes sit in open water, and could contaminate your pet’s pool. To conserve resources, use the water for your plants when Fido is finished playing.


Does your pup like to dig? Make Fido a sandbox, and bury some fun toys in it for him to dig up.

Jungle Gym

There are lots of fun options for making Fido a doggy jungle gym. Bury some large tires in the ground, so that about half of the tire is underground. Or, make your pet some ramps or stairs out of repurposed pallets.


Make sure Fido’s playground has lots of fun toys! Use a bungee cord to hang a toy from a tree branch to make a fun pull toy. Your pup may also enjoy an automated ball launcher. (Note: these aren’t recommended for large breeds, because they use tennis balls, which can be choking hazards for big dogs.) Remember to check your pup’s playthings regularly, and replace them when they get old.


Your canine friend will really enjoy having his own doghouse! Choose one with great insulation, such as a wooden doghouse, to offer Fido protection from weather. You’ll also want to raise it up off the ground a bit.


Many poisonous and dangerous critters like to lurk in nooks and crannies. Dead branches and vegetation make tempting hiding spots, so keep Fido’s play zone clear of debris. We also recommend keeping the area lit at night, and bringing your pooch in after dark. Temperature is another thing to keep in mind: limit your pet’s outdoor time when it’s really hot out. Also, make sure your furry pal always has plenty of fresh water outdoors.

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