Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Did you know that October 7th is officially Pet Obesity Awareness Day? Obesity is actually a very serious problem with our furry friends. Many loving pet owners want to pamper their beloved pets, and end up overfeeding them. We know, it can be hard to resist those adorable furry faces and those big sad eyes! But, while chubby pets are cute, unfortunately, carrying extra weight is very bad for them. Read on as a North Las Vegas, NV vet discusses pet obesity.

Health Risks

Many of the health problems associated with obesity in pets are the same as those for humans. Those extra pounds can increase your furbaby’s risk of developing heart problems, liver trouble, diabetes, and/or kidney issues, and can lead to or exacerbate painful bone/joint problems, like arthritis. Pets also have higher chances of developing skin problems, complications after surgery, and reproductive trouble.


Unsurprisingly, diet plays a huge role in your pet’s weight. Get the best pet food you can afford, but don’t overfeed your furry pal. Portion control is very important: even giving your four-legged buddy a little too much food every day can cause them to pack on pounds. It may interest you to know that pets that only eat kibble may be more likely to gain weight than those that eat wet food. This is because many dry foods, especially lower quality ones, are high in carbs. Ask your vet for nutritional advice.


Let’s face it: some of our four-legged pals are basically furry couch potatoes. You may need to tempt your furball into moving with fun play sessions or, in Fido’s case, daily walks. Even just a few minutes of activity can be beneficial! Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Helping Your Pet Stay Trim

If you know or suspect that your four-legged pal needs to lose weight, consult your vet immediately. Never put a pet on a crash diet. This is just as bad for animals as it is for people! Sudden drops in calorie consumption can wreak havoc with your furball’s metabolism, and could even make your furry buddy very sick. Fluffy and Fido will need to trim down slowly in order to lose those extra pounds without risking their health. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about your pet’s nutritional needs? Contact us, your North Las Vegas, NV animal clinic, today!

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