Desert Hazards for Dogs

Nevada is certainly a beautiful place to live, but our hot, dry climate can pose some serious dangers to our canine friends, particularly in summer. As a good pet parent, you’ll want to be aware of some of the hazards our local climate can present to your pup. Below, a Craig Road, NV veterinarian discusses some desert dangers for dogs.


Prickly plants, like cactuses and succulents, can cause serious injuries to your pup’s paws, skin, or face! If you have a yard, make a safe zone for Fido to play in. When walking your dog, pay close attention to where you let him roam.


Man’s Best Friend is very curious by nature. That natural inquisitiveness can get your pooch into serious trouble! Keep your property cleared of outdoor debris, and keep sheds clean, so they don’t attract wild animals. When walking your pup, don’t let him explore anything that looks like a potential habitat for creepy-crawlies. Proper training is also important, as it can help you call Fido away from dangerous areas or animals.


Heat can be very dangerous to dogs! Make sure Fido always has plenty of cool, fresh water. Your pooch will be both safer and more comfortable living indoors, in climate-controlled rooms, but if your dog does spend time outside, be sure to provide plenty of shade and water, as well as a suitable shelter. We also recommend walking your canine pal in the morning and evening, when it’s cooler.


Dogs can burn their paw pads by walking on hot surfaces. Use paw balm or wax to protect Fido’s paws, or get him some booties.


Brushing Fido regularly will remove dead hair from his coat. This will maximize the insulating properties of that pretty fur. While some dogs will be more comfortable with a summer haircut, this isn’t always the case. Breeds with double coats, for instance, may be more comfortable with the insulation that extra fur provides. Check with your vet before taking Fido to the salon.


Never leave your dog in a car unattended. The temperatures inside a parked car can reach deadly levels in just minutes! If Fido can’t go inside with you where you’re going, leave him safe and sound at home.

Please contact us, your Craig Road, NV animal hospital, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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