Things to Consider Before Adopting an Iguana

Are you considering getting a pet iguana? These pretty lizards can make great pets, but they require quite a bit of care. Before adopting one, you’ll want to do some research, to ensure that you’re making the right choice for both you and your scaled pal. Read on for some basic iguana care tips from a local North Las Vegas, NV veterinarian.


If you get a baby iguana, you’ll be able to keep him in a 20-gallon tank for a while, but Iggy will soon need more room. Actually, space is one of the most important things to consider when adopting an iguana. Full-grown iguanas can get up to six feet long! You will eventually have to dedicate a large chunk of space to your little dinosaur, and commit to cleaning your scaled buddy’s habitat daily.


Iguanas have some very specific environmental needs. You’ll need to invest in some special equipment, including UVB and UVA lights and heating equipment, to keep your lizard healthy and happy. Iggy will also need climbing branches and food and water dishes.


Iguanas need regular soaking time in either a tub or a wading pool. You’ll need to supervise your pet’s baths. Be prepared for some cleanup afterwards: Iggy can get a bit messy at bath-time.


Feeding an iguana is a bit more complex than pouring kibble into a bowl. You’ll need to give your iguana a variety of green leafy veggies, such as mustard greens, alfalfa, dandelion greens, and watercress. Iggy will also need some colorful veggies, such as snap peas, papayas, parsnip, okra, yucca root, and mango; as well as fruits, such as grapes or berries. Your cute lizard will also require plenty of fresh water. Be sure you are prepared to spend time every day preparing your pet dinosaur’s food.


As you can probably tell, caring for an iguana can cost quite a bit of money. Before adopting one, make sure you can afford to provide your scaled friend with the proper habitat, food, and care, including veterinary care.


Iguanas can live up to 20 years. That’s a long time: be sure you can commit to caring for your pet lizard through his entire life.

Please contact us for more information about iguana care. As your local North Las Vegas, NV animal clinic, we are always happy to help.

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