Summertime Safety for Dogs

As you’ve probably noticed, summers can be brutally hot here in Nevada. While some people enjoy the hot weather, those sweltering desert summers can present some serious dangers to both people and pets. Below, a North Las Vegas, NV veterinarian offers some summertime safety tips for dogs.

Food and Water

First and foremost, make sure Fido always has plenty of cool, fresh water. Choose heavy dishes that won’t tip over easily. Consider getting an automatic watering dish, as these tend to keep the water cooler. Outdoor water dishes should be placed in shady, relatively cool areas. We also recommend tossing a few ice cubes into your canine buddy’s bowl on hot days. As for food, give Fido his dinner indoors, as dog food spoils quickly in hot temperatures. Plus, leaving pet food outside can attract dangerous predators and pests.


Dogs can make great hiking buddies, but be sure to put your furry friend’s safety first. If Fido is a couch potato, puppy, senior, small dog, or has health issues, he will probably be more comfortable at home. Ask your vet for specific advice. If you get the green light, remember to bring plenty of water for your pup. Stop and rest often, and watch your canine pal closely for any signs of heat exhaustion. Some common symptoms include panting, drooling, staggering, and trembling. If you notice any of these signs, immediately give Fido some water, take steps to cool him down, and call your vet.


Desert toads are very toxic to dogs. They are most often seen in monsoon season, and in newly-developed areas. These toads are often attracted to Fido’s water dishes. Your beloved pet could get very sick just by drinking water a toad sat in! Check your yard before letting Fido out, and wash his doggy dishes daily.


Fido can get painful paw burns from walking on hot surfaces. Try to stick to shady areas when it’s really hot outside.


Keep Fido indoors when the temperature soars, and whenever there is a chance of thunderstorms. Never leave your dog in a parked car, even with the AC on: this is extremely dangerous! Your canine buddy will be both safer and more comfortable staying home.

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