Fido’s Golden Years

Have you started noticing grey around your dog’s muzzle? As your pet ages, he’ll still be as loyal, loving, and adorable as ever, but he’ll start to slow down a bit, and his needs will change. Read on as a North Las Vegas, NV veterinarian talks about caring for senior dogs.


Arthritis and hip dysplasia are very common in older dogs, but even if your pooch doesn’t have these painful afflictions, he may still be stiff and sore. A good orthopedic doggy bed will keep Fido comfortable while he’s napping and dreaming about chasing the cat across the street.


Good nutrition is a key aspect of your pet’s care. Get Fido the best dog food you can afford. Ask your vet for specific recommendations, including supplements, portion sizes, and advice on switching your canine friend over to a senior formula of pet food. Be careful not to overindulge your pooch with fatty treats!


Fido will slow down in his golden years, but he’ll still need some activity to stay healthy. Most dogs need at least a daily walk, though your pet may still feel frisky and playful at times. Just be careful not to overexert your pooch, especially on very hot days. You’ll also want to be sure to check with your vet for specific exercise recommendations, as some activities can be dangerous for older pets.

Veterinary Care

Your furry friend may need to see the vet a bit more often as he ages. Regular examinations allow your vet to check Fido for signs of potential health problems, so they can be addressed early on. At home, keep a close eye out for signs of illness, such as lethargy, vomiting, or reduced appetite. If you do notice anything amiss, don’t delay: contact your vet right away.


Senior dogs often have a calm, sweet demeanor that many people really enjoy. Fido will no longer lunge after every squirrel he sees on his daily walks: he’ll be content to plod along faithfully at your side. Enjoy this special time, and make sure your loyal pet feels loved, safe, and perhaps a bit pampered. We think older dogs are absolutely adorable!

Please reach out to us for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. As your local North Las Vegas, NV animal hospital, we are dedicated to providing all of our furry clients with top-notch care!

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