5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet in 2016

Pets are important parts of our lives and families. They offer us unwavering love, countless cuddles, and truly make our houses into homes. As you turn the calendars over and start a new year, this is a great time to take a look at your pet care routines, and see if anything needs improvement. In fact, you may want to go a bit further, and pamper your furred, scaled, or feathered pal in the coming months. In this article, a North Las Vegas, NV vet offers some great ways to keep your animal companion happy and healthy, and perhaps just a bit spoiled, in the new year.


While every different type of animal has different grooming needs, most pets could use a bit of help with their beauty rituals. Fido needs regular baths and nail trims, while Fluffy may learn to enjoy being brushed. Even smaller animals, like rabbits, sometimes enjoy being groomed. Birds may need their feet, beaks, or wings seen to.

Good Food

Proper nutrition is very important! Consider upgrading your pet’s food to a better brand. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Most pets love to snuggle up in a comfy bed for a nice nap. If your furry pal already has a bed, get a second or third one. There’s no such thing as too many napping spots! Pocket pets may enjoy little pet tents to cuddle up in. If you have a bird or reptile, consider upgrading their habitat, so they have more room.


Keep your little pal’s toy box full this year, and change things out regularly to keep things fun and exciting. Get into the habit of picking up new toys for your pet each time you go grocery shopping. If you’re trying to save money, go the DIY route and upcycle some common household items. You might be surprised at how many great options there are online for homemade pet toys!


Most of all, make sure to spend some quality time with your pet. Let your little buddy hang out with you while you’re watching TV, and just enjoy that special bond that we can form with our pets.

Happy New Year! All of us here at your local North Las Vegas, NV animal hospital are looking forward to providing your pet with excellent veterinary care in and beyond 2016.

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