Holiday Gifts for Pets

Are you planning to buy your pet some presents for the holidays? Our animal companions are important parts of our households, after all, so it’s only natural to include them in seasonal gift exchanges. Below, a North Las Vegas, NV vet offers some great gift ideas for pets.


Is your pooch a senior? Get him a good, orthopedic doggy bed or pet stairs. Puzzle toys are another great option for dogs. If you like to bake, consider making Fido some yummy homemade doggy treats. Look online for some great recipe ideas!


Cans of tuna and catnip mice are classic kitty gifts, and they’ll certainly get your furball’s motor going. Kitty furniture is also a big hit with the feline crowd. You can also try something a little different, and get Fluffy cat grass, catnip bubbles, or a kitty drinking fountain. Or, keep your furball amused with an automated laser pointer, or even a robotic mouse.

Pocket Pets

These little ones can also join in the holiday cheer! Many pocket pets need to chew, so consider getting your tiny furball some new chew toys. Wood, wicker, paper, and cardboard items are all suitable, as long as they aren’t covered with varnish, dye, paint, or decorative substances, like glitter. Hidey -holes, mazes, and bigger cages are also great options.


Polly may want a cracker, but she’d likely be thrilled with some fun toys, a bigger cage, or new perches. You can also go the DIY route, and make your feathered buddy some playthings out of popsicle sticks, dried pasta, or even old phone books. Wooden blocks and spoons, balls, tiny toy cash registers, and swings can also make great bird toys. Ask your vet for recommendations, as not all toys are safe or suitable for every bird.


Your reptile may not have much holiday spirit, but your scaled pal may enjoy a larger cage, new tank décor, or a new hidey-hole.


Horses may enjoy a good bran mash, or homemade cookies. Use brown sugar, oats, molasses, carrots, and honey to whip up some cookies your equine friends will love! You can also get your hooved pals hanging stall toys. If you have goats, give them something new and fun to climb.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at your North Las Vegas, NV vet clinic! Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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