Keeping Your Bird Entertained

Do you have a pet bird? These colorful and charming animals can make wonderful companions. Of course, Polly will spend most of her time in her cage, so you’ll want to offer plenty of entertainment options to keep her happy and prevent her from getting bored. In this article, a North Las Vegas, NV veterinarian offers advice on keeping your feathered pal entertained.


Make sure that your feathered friend has plenty of suitable toys. You’ll want to change Polly’s playthings frequently to keep her from getting bored. Some good options for bird toys include ladders, swings, puzzle toys, and foraging toys. You can also make lots of fun playthings for your feathered buddy out of common household items like paper, popsicle sticks, and dry pasta. Sometimes birds enjoy the simplest toys the most! Your winged friend may love breaking strands of uncooked spaghetti, or balancing on a tennis ball.


Make sure your winged buddy gets ample time out of her cage every day. This is very important for Polly’s emotional well-being! Spend some quality time with your pet when she’s out of her cage. Read to her, let her perch on your finger, and talk to her.

Alone Time

When you’re away at work, leave a TV or radio on for Polly. This can help keep her amused while she’s at home alone.


Our feathered friends can be quite playful! Try playing ‘peek-a-boo’ with your little buddy. Your colorful pal may also enjoy learning some fun tricks. Of course, if Polly is very vocal, she may be able to learn words or phrases.


In the wild, many birds live in flocks. While not all types of birds do well with roommates, many of our feathered friends enjoy having buddies of their own kind. Do some research to determine if Polly would do well with a playmate.


Always put Polly’s safety first. Don’t give your feathered pal anything with sharp edges that could cut her, or anything that she could get entangled in. You’ll also want to avoid anything with small pieces that your pet could possibly choke on. Ask your vet for more information on choosing safe and suitable toys.

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