Caring for an Aging Kitty

Is your feline friend entering her golden years? Fluffy may always be a kitten at heart, but as she ages, she will go through some changes. Below, a Craig Road, NV veterinarian discusses caring for an aging cat.


It may not seem possible, but cats get even sleepier as they age. Fluffy may sleep up to 20 hours a day! Offer your drowsy furball soft kitty beds to help her sleep comfortably.


Play will help keep physically active, and offer mental stimulation, which can help keep that kitty brain sharp. Take time to play with your kitty each day. Even a few minutes of playtime will benefit her.

Litter Box

Your feline buddy may find it easier to get in and out of a litterbox with low walls as she ages. If you live in a home with more than one floor, put litterboxes and water dishes on each story. That way, your senior cat won’t have to deal with the stairs as often.


Make sure to feed your kitty a good, nutritious diet. Ask your vet for specific recommendations, including advice on when to change to senior-formula cat food. Obesity is very bad for cats’ health, so don’t let your furball turn into a butterball!


Just like people, cats often develop aches and pains in their golden years. Fluffy may find it more difficult to hop up onto the couch or bed for a nap, and she may have a hard time climbing stairs. You can help your feline pal out by picking her up, but be very gentle.


Kitties are very diligent about keeping themselves clean, but as Fluffy ages, she may have difficulty reaching certain areas. Help your furball out by gently brushing her.


Just like people, kitties sometimes experience a decline in their cognitive functions as they age. Fluffy may forget where the kitchen is, or get lost in the hall. Keep a nightlight on for your furball, and comfort her if she seems distressed.


Make sure to have your furball examined regularly, so your vet can monitor her for signs of possible health issues. In between visits, monitor your kitty closely for any signs of sickness. If you notice any unusual behavior, contact your vet immediately.

Please contact us, your Craig Road, NV vet clinic, for all your senior cat’s veterinary care needs.

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