Obesity in Hamsters

Have you noticed your pet hamster getting a bit round lately? If so, your pet may be obese. You may think your tiny pal looks cute, but being obese is very dangerous for Hammie’s health. Hamsters that are overweight are at much higher risk for developing several health conditions, like heart trouble or diabetes. In this article, a North Las Vegas vet discusses obesity in hamsters.


Hamsters are notorious for hiding treats and snacks for later. If you’re feeding Hammie a seed mix, you’re facilitating his hoarding habit! Seed mixes make it very easy for your pet to pick out their favorite bits, which are usually the most fattening and sugary pieces, and store them for some midnight snacking. Giving your pet a pelleted food may help, as these are formulated to provide proper nutrition.


Hammie is an expert beggar. Those round eyes, that cute little face, and that soulful expression are very effective at getting us to hand over fattening snacks. Go ahead and give your little one a treat, but make it a vegetable, like a carrot. Some other healthy snacks hamsters can have include peas, celery, broccoli, and bean sprouts.


While you can’t force a hamster to exercise, putting an exercise wheel in your furball’s cage will encourage him to get up and moving. Make sure to pick a wheel with a solid bottom, as wire wheels can hurt your furry pal’s tiny paws. Hamster balls are another way to get the little one moving. Just be sure to get one that is safe for your specific pet, and be careful not to set Hammie down in a spot where he can possibly roll himself down a staircase or into a pool!

What To Do If Your Hamster Is Obese

If you’ve found yourself with a chubby hamster on your hands, ask your vet for nutritional advice, including portion sizes. Never put Hammie on a crash diet! This is very bad for his metabolism, and can end up making your tiny furball sick! Just like people, hamsters should lose weight steadily and gradually in order to drop pounds in a healthy way.

Do you have questions about your hamster’s health or care? Do you need nutritional counseling for your furball? Please contact us, your North Las Vegas veterinary clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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