Has Your Dog Trained You?

Have you ever looked at your canine buddy and wondered if you’ve perhaps spoiled him a bit? Is Fido perhaps controlling you, rather than the other way around? Man’s Best Friend is a loyal and faithful friend, but he has been known to be a bit of an opportunist at times. In this article, a local Craig Road vet offers some tips for determining whether your canine pal has you trained.


Does your pooch sometimes jump, whine, and beg to go out, only to calm down the second he steps outside and then immediately start sniffing grass? Fido has been known to pretend he has to go really, really badly, just to get an extra walk in. If your pooch pulls this theatrical act often, only to reveal that he doesn’t really have to pee, he might need more exercise and outdoor time.

The Guilty Stare

Have you ever gotten that ‘Why did you stop?’ look from your canine buddy when you stopped petting him or rubbing his belly? If so, you’re not alone! If you indulge your furry pal with more petting, cuddling, or belly-rubbing, you aren’t alone there either. After all, that woeful expression is pretty hard to resist! The good news is that petting your dog can help you reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Don’t feel bad about giving your buddy some extra cuddle time.


Fido is an absolute master at begging. We have to stress that begging is bad doggy manners, and a large contributing factor in canine obesity. That said, this is one area where many of our canine buddies have us wrapped around their paws. Don’t spoil your pooch! If you do decide to indulge him with some treats, choose healthy snacks, and put them in his bowl after dinner.


Does your furry pal sometimes run up to you with his favorite toy, tail wagging with anticipation? Fido certainly isn’t shy about letting us know when he wants to play, and we tend to indulge him. If it makes you feel better, we can confirm that playing is great for our four-legged pals, so don’t feel bad if you oblige your pup’s request for a round of Tug-O-War or Fetch.

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