Things We Will Never Understand About Cats

Do you have a feline friend? If so, we’re guessing your little furball probably keeps you guessing. Kitties are nothing if not enigmatic, after all. In fact, despite all of the advances we’ve made in science and technology, these little furballs are still a bit mysterious. In this article, a North Las Vegas vet lists some of the things we may never truly understand about cats.

Why They Love Boxes

Clinically, one could say that Fluffy’s love of boxes stems from the fact that our feline friends feel safe and secure in small places. However, one quick online image search of ‘cats in boxes’ more or less kills that theory. Many of our feline friends enjoy stuffing themselves into boxes that are far too small to offer any type of security.

How They Maintain Control of the Internet

Have you been online a lot recently? If so, then you know that the internet is comprised of roughly 95 percent cat photos, memes, and videos. We’re not sure how Fluffy managed to pull this takeover off, but it doesn’t look like kitties are going to be giving up control of the World Wide Web anytime soon!

Why They Sleep So Much

No one is entirely sure why cats sleep so much. While it’s true that wild felines spend incredible amounts of energy hunting, jumping, and climbing, and need to recharge, there’s a good chance that Fluffy’s being a bit excessive here. After all, every other predator on the planet seems to function just fine on normal amounts of sleep. Kitties, however, can spend up to a whopping 18 hours a day snoozing!

How They Manage To Sleep In Such Weird Positions

Kitties sometimes doze off in some very interesting configurations, many of which vaguely resemble pretzels or trigonometric patterns. We know that Fluffy’s spine can twist and bend much more than ours can, but that doesn’t entirely explain her unusual sleeping habits.

Why They Enjoy Clearing Tables

Fluffy’s penchant for knocking things off tables is another good example of something cats do that just, well, doesn’t seem to make much sense. We’re not sure why, but for some reason, our feline pals just love knocking things onto the floor.

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