Things to Consider Before Getting a Bunny

Are you thinking about getting a pet bunny? Rabbits are almost unbearably cute, and those adorable little faces can be hard to resist. If you’ve never had a pet rabbit before, you’ll want to do some research before making a final decision. In this article, a Craig Road vet offers some tips on things to think about before adopting a bunny.

Basic Needs

Your furball will need a cage that is long enough for her to hop, turn around, play, and stand up in, without tripping over her furniture and toys. Floppy will need a constant supply of fresh hay, which is crucial to rabbits’ digestive systems. She’ll also need veggies and fruits in addition to her bunny food. Make sure you can provide all of these things.

Bunnies Need To Chew

Bunnies need to chew to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Be prepared to hand over an almost endless supply of chew toys to your little furball. Chew sticks, foraging toys, and maze balls are a few things Floppy will like. The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to keep Floppy’s toy box full. Toys made out of cardboard; copy paper; cleaned, untreated, bunny-safe wood; wicker; and straw are all quite cheap!


As mentioned above, bunnies love to chew. Bunnies also have a way of doing what they want, when they want. Giving Floppy chew toys and teaching her proper chewing ‘petiquette’ are both necessary. However, these things won’t keep your belongings safe from your voracious little bundle of cute. Make sure to carefully bunnyproof all and any rooms your pet will have access to.

Bunnies Aren’t Perfect

Bunnies are undeniably adorable, but that doesn’t mean Floppy will always act like a little angel. Rabbits have much stronger personalities than one might expect. These little furballs can be quite stubborn, and they have tempers! Do some research on bunny personalities so you can get an idea of how bunnies think and act.

Bunnies Need Love Too

Just like any other animals, rabbits will become unhappy and lonely if they are left by themselves too long. Make sure you have time to spend playing with your little furball. Otherwise, she may become depressed, and act up.

Do you have questions about caring for a bunny? Contact us, your Craig Road vet clinic. We are always here to help!

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