Get Your Chubby Cat’s Weight Under Control

Your tabby cat Oscar thoroughly enjoys his life of luxury. This pampered six-year-old feline housemate has two comfy beds, a handcrafted ceramic bowl, and a custom carpeted perch next to your bay window. Although he occasionally bats around a cat toy, he spends much of his day ogling birds or sleeping. Since Oscar has maintained a hearty appetite in the midst of this sluggishness, he has gained several pounds, increasing his risks for weight-related medical problems. Tomorrow, your portly feline housemate will visit your Craig Road veterinary clinic for expert nutritional counseling.

Overweight Cat Epidemic

You’re surprised at the number of pudgy, and even obese, cats who snooze their way through life. In fact, 40 to 50 percent of pampered felines nationwide are lugging around too much weight. In a nutshell, they’ve chugged down too many calories for their super-low exercise levels. These couch-potato cats – including Oscar – are at higher risks for soft-tissue injuries and osteoarthritis. They might also suffer from overworked muscles, ligaments, and joints.

Feeding Your Feline Carnivore

Since carnivorous Oscar likes to hunt, he’d happily stalk and consume mice and birds every day. Since you won’t allow that, you assumed that a commercial blend would meet his nutritional needs. However, many mass-manufactured foods don’t include top-quality protein. Instead, the mixtures incorporate plant protein, which your cat doesn’t metabolize as efficiently as animal-sourced proteins.

In addition, he lacks enzymes that help him to metabolize excess carbohydrates. Since his body must find a home for the carbs, it stores them as harmful fat. His tasty snacks add even more carbs, flavor enhancers, and useless calories.

Pre-Program Health Exam

First, the vet must rule out medical and/or metabolic conditions that might inhibit your cat from safely losing those extra pounds. The vet will analyze blood work and urinalysis results before giving the program a final “thumbs up.”

Tailored Weight Management Plan

Now it’s time for that all-important nutritional program. The vet will likely choose a nutritious food designed for safe, healthy weight loss. While your cat won’t enjoy his more structured feeding schedule, it will help him to accomplish his worthy goal.

Provide Oscar with daily vet-approved exercise he enjoys. He’ll gradually burn those unnecessary calories and shed that harmful excess weight. If your overweight cat could benefit from expert nutritional counseling, contact your Craig Road veterinary clinic for an appointment.

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