Is Your Dog Troubled by Separation Anxiety?

Your retriever mix Chance has developed two different personalities. To your family, he’s a loyal canine companion who loves flying disc games, dog park visits, and daily belly rubs. However, your generally well-adjusted dog adopts a less-appealing persona when he’s home alone. In fact, if your home security cam hadn’t recorded his antics, you wouldn’t believe them. After viewing the footage, you think your pooch might be battling separation anxiety. Tomorrow, you’ll take Chance to your North Las Vegas pet clinic for a physical exam and expert behavioral counseling.

Obnoxious Barking Behavior

You think Chance is angling for the large-dog endurance barking record. Before you even pull away from the house, your long-winded pooch clears his throat and begins his tirade. He goes on for hours, sometimes throwing in some growling and howling for extra effect. Although he occasionally breaks for water, he wastes little time in getting back to his critically important work.

Canine Destruction Machine

Your industrious pooch also indulges in some old-fashioned demolition work. Since he has excellent taste, he focuses on your custom living room set, chewing and clawing the colorful upholstery and stuffing into pieces. Next, he turns his attention to your handcrafted dining set.

For variety, your canine delinquent gnaws several feet of living room baseboards into white wooden shreds. Yes, you’re annoyed about the severe damage and replacement cost. However, you’re most concerned that your frenzied pooch will harm himself by chewing on something dangerous.

Strange Fecal Fascination

Chance has never seemed especially interested in his droppings. On his potty walks, he spends considerable time sniffing the trees, barely devoting a minute to his fecal deposits. By himself, though, he delights in leaving piles in hard-to-reach corners. You haven’t had to perform any clean-up duties, as he consumes his feces before you get home.

Canine Escape Artist

Your “indestructible” plastic kennel didn’t stand a chance against your canine bruiser. Even though you packed his crate with toys and treats, they were barely a distraction to your crazed pooch. He quickly chewed his way out of prison before turning to the bedroom door. Good thing you returned before he could destroy the entire house.

Since dogs’ separation anxiety symptoms can vary, your North Las Vegas pet clinic will analyze Chance’s actions before prescribing a tailored treatment plan. If your dog has displayed similar behavior, contact us for expert assistance.

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