Pamper Your Bird with Top-Notch Care

Your newly adopted parrotlet Tango is a fortunate pet bird. This morning, you acquired this entertaining avian housemate from a friend whose circumstances had changed. You introduced your feathered companion to his spacious, well-appointed apartment, brimming with brand-new cage furnishings and toys. Tango also met your family, greeting them with a running patter of cheery whistles. Tomorrow, he’ll visit your Craig Road vet for a thorough new patient exam.

Roomy, Comfy Home Environment

Since Tango’s an active guy, provide a spacious enclosure that measures almost three times his wingspan’s width and depth. He’ll probably spend considerable time gnawing on the cage latch and bars. Monitor these components closely, looking for structural damage. If you think they might break, replace the cage before your clever bird can make his escape.

Your pet bird wants to live in a squeaky-clean environment. Clean his cage often; and give him fresh water at least twice daily. Buy colorful, enticing toys that challenge his sharp little mind. Include a treat puzzle that makes him work for the snacks he loves. Keep rotating his playthings so boredom doesn’t set in.

Species-Appropriate Avian Diet

Your parrotlet has a hearty appetite, but he doesn’t eat the same foods as his macaw or cockatiel cousins. Actually, if he regularly consumed ingredients designed for other birds, he could experience some unwelcome health problems.

While he’d prefer to nosh on seeds, his carefully blended nutritional pellets are a better choice. This beneficial mixture should comprise almost 80 percent of his daily calorie intake. If your vet approves, mix in bite-sized fresh vegetables and/or fruits. Don’t ever feed him – or any other bird – highly toxic foods such as pasta, onions, garlic, rice, or chocolate.

Lively Multi-Species Social Circle

Tango has adopted your family as his new social circle. Welcome him by placing his cage in a central indoor location. In that desirable spot, your avian companion can watch (and comment on) everyone’s activities. Provide him with extra daily attention by watching him bathe and preen himself. Ask your vet to suggest training exercises that will help your feathered friend to bond with his human flock.

During Tango’s next regular checkup, provide your Craig Road vet with an update on his social and behavioral antics. The vet will also address developing medical problems. To provide your bird with expert care, contact us for an appointment.

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