Canine Physical Therapies Can Boost Your Dog’s Recovery

Your border collie Athena has a passion for running. In fact, your striking four-footed athlete is pure kinetic energy. This seven-year-old pooch warms up with several laps around the dog park. Next, she hurls herself into canine agility, flyball, or sheep-herding drills. Right now, though, your black-and-white companion is cooling her heels on the couch, mending from leg surgery. You know canine physical therapies can enhance dogs’ recoveries. You’re somewhat knowledgeable about massage therapy and water therapy. Your North Las Vegas veterinarian will show you how a targeted physical therapy program can make a difference in Athena’s recuperation.

Multiple Physical Therapies

Your vet will supervise Athena’s physical therapy regimen. Although you’ll find massage therapy and water therapy in many locations, lesser-known modalities are also effective. Learn about veterinary acupuncture, ultrasound, electrical therapy, heat and cold therapy, and targeted stretching.

Like humans, two canine patients might realize different benefits from a similar technique. Generally speaking, dogs might see more strength and mobility; and they might experience decreased pain. Your dog might lose some weight, a happy outcome since she has picked up several pounds. Over time, her physical therapy program can help her to resume normal activities.

Soothing Therapeutic Massage

You’ve been very satisfied with your professional therapeutic massages. These beneficial treatments certainly decreased your stress level; and they might help injured tissues to heal. Although you believe Athena will see similar benefits, she’s not available for comment. When you last saw her, she was happily relaxing on the massage table.

Since your canine housemate is a middle-aged girl, she’s susceptible to age-related joint issues. Therapeutic massages are also helpful here. Some general veterinary practices, along with canine therapy centers and specialty hospitals, offer this service. In some locations, specially trained therapists provide targeted deep tissue massage.

Delightful Warm-Water Therapies

Like any respectable water-loving dog, Athena enjoys her warm-water therapy sessions. She gleefully splashes around, improving her range of motion, while the water’s buoyancy gently cushions her body. The liquid’s resistance helps her to strengthen her muscles and enhance her blood circulation.

The underwater treadmill is an added bonus, as she can steadily pad along with no stress on her muscles, bones, and joints. While she increases her strength and stamina, she receives praise from her therapist.

If targeted physical therapies might help your canine companion to recover, contact your North Las Vegas veterinarian for expert assistance.

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